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Building Your Oasis: The First Steps to Crafting Your Outdoor Haven!

Updated: Feb 6

Where Do I Start?

patio cover, wooden patio cover, gable roof
This Patio Cover Was Built by Zion Builders, Inc.

The first step is always the scariest. But your first step would simply be to contact us.

Zion Builders, Inc. starts deck and patio cover projects with careful planning. The contractor, Don Weaver, meets with you personally to discuss your desired project outcomes. Once you decide what you want, Don will consider all the labor, materials, engineering and permits needed to calculate an estimate. Many times, he can give a same-day estimate before he leaves the consultation! 

What's Next?

Once a contract is signed, it is uploaded to our system, where our preconstruction project manager and draftsman, Bob Smith, can access the information to begin plan drawings. 

After Bob creates the plan drawings and applies the engineering, they are quality checked by Don. After his approval, Bob sends the plans to the building department and apply for a permit. Bob will be in contact with you periodically to let you know where we are at in the process. However, be aware that it can take up to three months to get it through the building department. 

Zion has done so many outdoor living area projects with all the jurisdictions in northern Nevada that we seldom, if ever, have corrections or revisions, which could delay approval. Only after the permit is issued can we start building your dream project. 

Once the construction phase begins...

This General Contracting Work Was Done by Zion Builders, Inc.

During this phase, the project is inspected by the building department several times before completion, so you can rest assured your patio cover is being built properly to code.

A permit and documented inspections are important to have if, and when, you sell your home. Unpermitted structures could be costly to remove if required to bring the property back to code. 

Zion Builders specializes in construction of decks and patio covers but is also licensed for custom home building. Call us today at 775-224-4860 to get started on your building project. 

Bob Smith is the preconstruction project manager and draftsman for Zion Builder, Inc. he has 45 years of experience in construction. 
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