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From Blueprint to Backyard Bliss: A Decked-Out Guide to Planning and Permits for Patio Covers!

Much of the work that goes into your outdoor living space goes on behind the scenes. Plans are drawn in strict accordance with current code (2018 IRC).

When our project manager and draftsman, Bob Smith, submit the plans for your project, the building department will review and check these plans to ensure that Bob's design meets this code and other local code consideration. 

Normally, the decks we build are straight forward and have the same basic design criteria, for which Bob has drawn structural details. Again, based on current codes for wind, earthquake and fire danger. 

More complex decks are not a problem for Zion Builders. We have several partner engineering firms that can, and have, designed for us many custom decks, such as the ones you see above. These include and aren't limited to second-story decks, decks with and without stairs, and special considerations such as wood decks in high fire danger areas requiring International Wildland Urban Interface Code. 


When designing and drafting Alumawood Patio Covers manufactured by Amerimax, Zion Builders considers many things. They are Teflon coated that comes in several colors to match your building. We can build them with either a lattice roof or a solid pan roof depending on your shade requirements. Bob designs the structure according to very strict specifications and structural engineering provided to us by Amerimax. The covers are designed to withstand 120-mile-per-hour plus winds, earthquakes, and 30 pounds per square foot of snow load. All these concerns must be addressed in northern Nevada to ensure your patio cover lasts a long time thorough severe weather. 


In short, Zion Builders can design and build almost anything you desire. All the plans, details, and engineering go through the same quality check. Once approved, Bob will apply for a permit. Only after the permit is issued can we start building your dream. Once it’s started, it is inspected several times during construction so you can rest assured that your wood deck is being built properly and to code. Having a permit and documented inspections are very important to have if, and when, you ever sell your home. 

Zion’s Facebook page and website has several photos of decks and patio covers we have built, similar to the ones we've included above! Take a look, perhaps one of them will inspire you and your ideas! Call Zion Builders at 775-224-4860 and let us build the outdoor lifestyle of your dreams. 

Bob Smith is the preconstruction project manager and draftsman for Zion Builder, Inc. he has 45 years of experience in construction. 
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